3 Ways to Increase 1,000% of Your Blog Income

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  • Feb 03, 2021
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3 Ways to Increase 1,000% of Your Blog Income

Blogs are needed nowadays. Where everyone can build their own blog. One of them is by using blogger or blogspot facilities. And this is very beneficial for those who want to build a blog.

If the blog has been built and already has visitors where you provide content such as articles or videos, then you can immediately start making money through blogs. There are many ways to increase or make money through your blog and there are 3 ways you can follow:

1. Affiliate

Affiliate business is a business where you as a marketer market other people’s products. The commission that is usually obtained as an affiliate varies between 30% to 70%. Sometimes you can even get 100%. It all depends on the owner of the product. If the product is sold, you will get a commission.

2. Publisher

The publisher business is the easiest business to make money via the internet. This business is a business where you as a blog owner are willing to place ads on your blog. If a visitor clicks on the ad, then you will get a commission. Easy isn’t it !. You can register in the google adsense program.

3. Solo Ads

This business is quite unique, because many people don’t know about solo ads. Yes, this business is a business where you sell visitor clicks to those who want to rent your solo ads. You can sell your blog visitor data to the solo ads tenant. The price depends on how many clicks you will give.

Okay, I hope this information is useful for you. Use all these strategies on your blog and you will be able to increase your business income.

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