Anantomies You Should Show on Your Blog

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  • Feb 06, 2021
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What Are the Important Anantomies You Should Show on Your Blog?

By having a blog, you can provide the widest possible information to your readers. You can use blogspot media where you can register for free. The important thing is that you have a gmail account because blogspot is a facility provided by gmail.

However, in order for all information to reach your readers, you must make your blog as complete as possible. Having an accessible “anatomy” makes all the information easier. What are they?

1. Content

Yes, the content on your blog is very important. The content that you provide to your readers can be in the form of articles, videos or ebooks. You must provide this content and be provided in the midle or in the middle of your blog. So that when your visitors come, they will immediately see your blog.

2. List Posts

Yes, this list of posts is also important for you to display. By having a List of Posts it will make it easier for visitors to “walk” on your blog. Of course the information that you have written can be easily accessed by visitors to your blog.

3. Advertising

Yes, providing your blog ad column you can use too. This ad can provide space for other people who want to use your blog’s services. This will increase your blog’s income and will certainly help advertisers who want to use your services.

4. Social Media

Including a link or social media image on your blog will be able to increase the trust and credibility of your blog. You can link to your Facebook account, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube channel or other social media. The more you have friends on social media, the more visitors will visit your blog.

5. Optin Column

Your optin column is the field provided for visitors to enter their name and email. This is done so that you can contact them when there is the latest information on your blog. So that your blog still has visitors and of course your blog will grow.

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