How to Get and Increase Visitors From Your Blog

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  • Jan 31, 2021
how to get blog traffic

How to Get and Increase Visitors From Your Blog

Traffic or visitors on your blog is very important and very crucial for the sustainability of your blog. Why not? … Imagine if you write an article on a blog but no one sees or you visit your blog. Of course this is very unpleasant isn’t it.

Okay, here are 5 ways you can get visitors to your blog:

1. Social Media

Promotion of your blog or telling your friends on social media is very effective in getting visitors to your blog. Especially now that social media is very often used by users to socialize. You can use Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus to promote your blog.

2. Blog Comments

Blog comments can be said to be “ninja strategy” where you can insert your blog link when commenting on the blog you visit. But the most important thing is to give normal and positive comments, don’t just comment with the aim of inserting a link. This is very disliked by blog owners.

3. Forums

Being active in forums is a very extraordinary thing. Media forum is a medium for mutual discussion which involves many people. You can write information on your blog and provide a link to your blog address to many people to the forum. If your blog information becomes a conversation, then you will get extraordinary visitors.

4. SEO

By optimizing your blog title, description and keywords on your blog, you will unconsciously get ranking in SEO. SEO is a method by which your website will rank on google on keyword searches. The more optimal your keywords are, the greater your chances of getting ranked.

5. Advertising

Yes, this one method is that you have to spend a budget to get visitors to your blog. Of course with careful planning. You can use Facebook and Google Adwords ads which are widely used by advertisers. The more budget you spend, the more visitors will come to your blog.

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